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Tailor Made Analytics 

Extent Insights specializes in game analytics education and consulting, helping individuals and organizations level-up their skills to optimize player engagement through enhanced product analytics and insights.

Featured Courses

Professional expertise

Game Analysis Courses

Gain a competitive edge in transitioning careers or accelerating learning in a data analyst role with our game analytics courses, designed to equip working professionals with essential skills and insights for rapid advancement.

Game Analytics Courses

Performance improvement

Data Analysis Courses

Accelerate your career transition or excel in a data analyst role with comprehensive courses in game data analysis, visualization, and storytelling, tailored to empower working professionals with the expertise needed for swift success in any industry.

All Data Analysis Courses

Data-driven decisions

Interview Preparation Workshops

Gain a competitive advantage in your job search with specialized courses for interview preparation and job search. Learn how game studios are organization, equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in interviews and seamlessly integrate into dynamic working environments.

Interview Preparation Courses

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All Current Instructor Based Courses

Elevate your career trajectory with our comprehensive course catalog tailored for working professionals, providing in-depth training in game analytics to facilitate rapid advancement or seamless transitions into data analyst roles within the gaming industry and beyond.

All Courses

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