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About Extent Insights

"Extent Insights transforms gaming passion into powerful data-driven insights and professional career advancement.

Our mission is to educate by elevating skills and competencies, that extend career development opportunities for individuals and teams"

Rick Evans, Principal Consultant

Rick Evans, Principal Consultant


My journey in gaming took off when I Joined Zynga as the first mobile game analyst in 2009. I continued to work in gaming analytics and hone my data skills with tenures at Atari and Upsight before landing a successful career at Electronic Arts and leading their mobile analytics teams for several years. 

From Electronic Arts, I transitioned into the education sector, spearheading Pearson's data warehouse and analytics services teams for four years. In 2023, through some fortunate timing, I was given the opportunity to build and teach a game analytics course from scratch and during the summer, I taught over 80 working professionals the key concepts, metrics and analytical frameworks used to delivery insights in today's most successful mobile, PC and console titles. 


Teaching this course ignited my own personal vision to combine my two passions - education and analytics - into providing specialized learning and consultation services to working professionals, teams and enterprises, who are all eager to excel in game analytics.

If you're interested in learning more about our courses be sure to check out our course page or view the webinar introductions about our services. 

If you'd like to schedule time with me to discuss our course, our services or how Extent Insights can help level up your game team's skill level, please feel free to schedule some time with me here

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