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Interview Preparation

Masterclass: Teamwork & Careers

This workshop combines Job Application & Interview Preparation and Game Studio Organization courses for full preparation for a career in gaming.

2 Sessions
4 hr Workshop


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What You'll Learn

Analytics Team Models: Understand the different types of analytics team setup you can find in small and large gaming studios and organizations. Learn how they are different, how they operate, and where they are most effective. 

Game Studio Team Organization: Discover the main types of roles you’ll find in an effective game studio team. Learn about the Game Atomic Unit and where and how analytics plays a crucial role. 

Full-Stack Analytics: Learn about the differences among business analysts, data analysts and data scientists. Understand where data engineering and machine learning engineering fit in with data analysis and what we mean by full-stack. 

Requirements Gathering Frameworks: Understand requirements from product managers and other stakeholders in game studios. Learn how to use frameworks to help determine game design requirements and how to prioritize and balance the needs of different roles in game teams. 

Group Exercises: Practice for typical studio situations for requirements gathering and understanding with in-class exercises and discussions.  

Game Analyst Skill Set: What skills and qualities you need to be a game analyst. Where does subject area experience and expertise play a big part. 

Game Analyst Career Paths: Understand different game analyst career paths and possibilities. What it is like to be a game analyst working at a small or large game development studio. 

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): What happens when your job application is submitted. What is an Application Tracking Sytem (ATS). How ATS works and how you influence a positive outcome. 

Understanding Job Description: What should you look for when reviewing a job description. Learn which keywords are important and how they relate to the skills you need. 

Preparing Resumes & Cover Letters:  Learn about the different types of resumes and cover letters. How to tailor resumes to specific job descriptions. The importance of cover letters and how they complement your resume. 

Game Analyst Interview Process:  Understand the game analyst interview process. Learn who will be part of the interview panel. What particular areas of focus to prepare for. 

Interview Question Preparation:  What to expect at an Interview. How to prepare for an interview. Examples of interview questions and examples. Interview question preparation through in-class group exercises.

Success strategies

Masterclass: Teamwork & Careers

This workshop combines Job & Interview Prep and Game Studio Organization courses for full preparation for anyone considering a career in gaming.

2 Sessions
4 hr Workshop

Next Course:

Every Month

This Course Includes

  • 2 x 2-hour Instructor-Led Course/Workshop Sessions

  • In-Class Group Discussion And Exercises

  • Downloadable Slide Presentation

  • Interview Preparation Material

  • Questions & Answers Session

Course Content

1. Game Company Organization

  • Analytics Team Models

  • What Do We Mean, Fullstack?

  • Business vs Data vs Scientist

  • Data Engineer vs Machine Learning Engineer

5. Career Paths In Gaming

  • Studio Game Atomic Unit

  • Career Options In Gaming

  • 5 Questions With Gaming Leaders

  • Group Exercise: GM Question Analysis

2. Game Studio Team Structure

  • Game Atomic Unit

  • Producer and Game Designer Roles

  • Developer and Product Manager Roles

  • Where Does The General Manager Fit?

6. Preparing Your Application

  • Application Tracking System (ATS)

  • Job Description & Keyword Analysis

  • Resumes

  • Cover Letters

3. Managing Analytical Requests

  • Requirements Framework: COSTT

  • Group Exercise: Pre-Launch Meeting

  • Group Discussion: Pre-Launch Meeting

7. Interview Questions

  • Pre-preparation

  • Typical Interview Scenarios

  • Example: Product Analytics

  • Example: SQL

  • Example: Estimation

  • Group Exercise: Case Study Question

4. Skills Required For A Game Analyst

  • What Skills Do I Need For A Game Analyst?

  • Example Job Listing Analysis

  • Job Listing Breakdown

  • Group Exercise: Responsibilities & Skills

8. Question & Answer Session


  • No prior experience is required for this course/workshop.


This course, in a 2-session workshop format, is ideal for anyone looking to apply for a role as a game or product data analyst in the game industry. This workshop would also be most suitable for anyone wanting to apply for similar data analyst roles at game platform and game-supporting service companies. 

This workshop will help you understand the different roles in game teams, how they think and what their priorities are. In addition, you’ll also learn about the organizational structure of game teams within small, medium and large game organizations. 

This course will also take you through how to analyze game analyst job postings, how to craft resumes and accompanying cover letters, as well as how an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) works.

In addition, this course will give learners critical insight into the game studio interview process, explaining types of interviews, roles of interviewers and examples of interview questions you’re likely to face.

With several examples of interview questions, the course will also provide situational experience in the form of in-class group exercises to help with the practical preparation for a real-life interview.

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