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Data Analysis

Masterclass: Data Visualization & Storytelling

This course combines Data Visualization and Data Storytelling best practices courses for comprehensive techniques to present and narrate game analysis effectively.

2 Sessions
4 hr Workshop


Next Course:     
July 2024

What You'll Learn

Data Visualization Goals: The main purpose of data visualization. The process to utilize to curate useful and effective charts. How to share gaming insights. 

Which Chart Is Best For Which Data: Which type of chart is best suited to which data. Categorical, original, nominal and continuous data types. When to use a line chart vs. a table. When to use a bar chart. What type of bar chart, horizontal vs. vertical, is best for data visualization.  

Data Visualization Best Practices: How colors can impact data visualizations. Understand the human perception of area, length and distance. How our perceptions can impact the charts and graphs we use to communicate analysis. 

Chart Design & Obfuscations: Understand how charts can be used to obfuscate information. Examples of obfuscation tactics. Examples of deliberate, misleading charts to misrepresent understanding. 

Data Storytelling Styles: Learn the different styles and approaches to data storytelling. Understand the purpose and focus on data storytelling. Learn how different styles are best suited for a particular purpose or goal. 

Understanding Your Audience: How to tailor your presentation to your audience. How audience type impacts presentation success. How to engage and connect with your audience. How to explain your needs and goals.  


Examples Of Great & Poor Presentation Styles: How two great examples of presentations (good and bad practices) create different audience outcomes. How experience, communication, presentation style and content create measurable differences in audience engagement and effectiveness.

Data Storytelling Best Practices:  Data storytelling best practices. How to apply best practices to clearly present goals and objectives effectively. 

How To Play To Your Strengths: Learn about individual strengths and styles. Learn frameworks to determine your individual strengths. How to use your individual strengths in your own data storytelling presentations. 

Group Reporting/Dashboard Exercise: How to create visualizations using common tools like spreadsheets and Tableau. How to create simple dashboards and reports as examples of visualization from our game data. 

In-Class Exercise/Case Study:  Through in-class discussions, case studies and workshops, practice presentations and apply skills and knowledge from the class. Showcase your work to other class learners.

Success strategies

Masterclass: Data Visualization & Storytelling

This course combines Data Visualization and Data Storytelling best practices courses for comprehensive techniques to present and narrate game analysis effectively.

2 Sessions
4 hr Workshop

Next Course:

July 2024

This Course Includes

  • 4 Hours Of Instructor-Led Course/Workshops

  • Schedulable Instructor 1-On-1s

  • In-Class Group Discussion And Exercise

  • Downloadable Slide Presentation

  • Downloadable Data Used In The Class

  • Questions & Answers Session

Course Content

1. The Goals Of Data Visualization

  • The Purpose Of Data Visualization

  • Process For Visual Construction

  • Best Practices: Tables & Charts

  • Example Of Poor Visualization

5. Example Presentations

  • “The Power Of Words”

  • “The World’s Worst Presentation”

  • Group Analysis & Discussion

2. Which Chart & Why?

  • Categorical Data

  • Ordinal, Nominal, Interval

  • Common Pitfalls

  • Best Practices: Colors

6. Data Storytelling Best Practices

  • Data | Visuals | Narrative

  • Storytelling Formats & Examples

  • Playing To Your Strengths

3. Data Obfuscation

  • Omitting The Baseline

  • Mis-Representation

  • Cherry Picking

  • Visualization Guidelines

7. Group Workshops/Discussion

  • Example Analysis Walkthrough

  • Tableau Workshop

  • Presentation Re-Write

4. The Goals Of Data Storytelling

  • Framing: Types Of Analysis 

  • Presentation Styles

  • Communication Methods

  • Understanding Your Audience

8. Question & Answer Session


  • No prior experience is required for this course/workshop. 

  • Learners taking this course should sign up for a free Tableau account (details provided) if they wish to work through the in-class exercise with the instructor.


Embark on a journey through the art of data visualization and storytelling, mastering techniques to create impactful and insightful presentations of gaming data.

In the Data Visualization Best Practices course, discover the foundations of effective data visualization. Learn when and how to utilize various chart types, colors, and styles to convey information accurately and intuitively. Uncover common pitfalls in data display, understanding how poorly designed visuals can distort insights and mislead audiences. Through hands-on exercises and a Tableau workshop, transform gaming data into compelling reports and dashboards.

Complementing this, the Data Storytelling Best Practices course equips you with the skills to weave narratives around your game data. Explore frameworks for understanding audience needs, tailoring storytelling styles to suit different objectives and viewers. Delve into real-life presentations to witness the impact of effective storytelling and the consequences of subpar communication. Engage in in-class workshops to refine your presentation skills, aligning your storytelling with specific goals and audiences.

Opt for the Masterclass in Data Visualization & Storytelling to unlock a bundled discount, combining these courses with additional hours of data presentation skills and practice. Whether crafting visually stunning dashboards or compelling narratives, this masterclass empowers you to communicate game data insights with precision and purpose.

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