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Welcome To Extent Insights!

If you are reading this blog post, then you are reading the first of many from Extent Insights.

We've just finished our course catalog in game analysis and invite you to take a look and see if any of the courses we offer make sense for you if you're considering a career in game analytics.

I can share a little about my start in game analytics, which was purely coincidental. I was working at eBay as a statistician in Trust Analytics. I have been working at eBay for about 5 years, most of it spent supporting our risk management team. I liked my role but wanted something a little more engaging than online shopping. I was checking to see if my requisition for an additional team member had been posted on Craigslist and found this advertisement for a game analyst at Zynga. 

I was immediately interested because I had seen Zynga games on my facebook feed and as I read through the job description, I realized that a lot of the skills needed for game analysis were similar to what I had been doing at eBay. I applied for the role, had an onsite interview, and got the job. I remember one tricky question in the interview that I answered correctly, and that was how to create a rolling 7-day average using SQL on a table that was summarized by day. If you’re interested in knowing the answer, take one of our SQL courses! Just kidding, I used a self-join, but could have done it any number of ways!

So began my journey in game analytics at Zynga. I got to pick which project to try out and decided mobile games, which were not large revenue generators for Zynga at that time, seemed like a good choice. 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working in gaming, and with my brief spell in education, decided that bring them together would be a good marriage so here we are. 

Let's see where we end up in a year or so!


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